St. Francis

In St. Francis and his authentic followers, the tired world saw Christ again, the Divinity made manifest. Against this manifestation the honest mind can form no argument and a well-disposed heart cannot refuse. For we see there Something that resides in the deepest recesses of our being, our longing for our Creator, our home. Moreover,Continue reading “St. Francis”

Vigano on Ukraine

The Archbishop in the sampling below is referring to EU nations, but in my opinion describes all of former Christendom. “What were once prosperous and independent nations, diverse in their respective ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and religious specificities, have now been transformed into a shapeless mass of people without ideals, without hopes, without faith, without evenContinue reading “Vigano on Ukraine”

Pfizer CEO & the new SCIENCE

“Two doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection, if any,” Bourla said when asked about developing an omicron variant-specific booster. “Three doses with a booster does offer reasonable protection against hospitalization and deaths,” Bourla added. However, “Less protection against infection,” the CEO admitted.” There you have it. 3 doses plus a booster will reasonablyContinue reading “Pfizer CEO & the new SCIENCE”

The most sane moment

The most sane moment in human history occurred on the 12th day of Christmas some 2000 or so years ago when the temporal powers of this world represented by the Three Kings, the common folk represented by the shepherds, the natural order represented by some sheep, an ox and a donkey, all gave homage toContinue reading “The most sane moment”

Big surprise

A couple unsurprising headlines…. “Winter COVID Surge Starts Hitting States With High Vaccination Rates” Newseek Nov. 25 “”U.S. has already seen more COVID deaths in 2021 than 2020 before vaccines were available, as experts again warn pandemic is not over” MSN Nov. 24


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