Stanford study on masks—throw them out!

The conclusion: “The existing scientific evidences challenge the safety and efficacy of wearing facemask as preventive intervention for COVID-19. The data suggest that both medical and non-medical facemasks are ineffective to block human-to-human transmission of viral and infectious disease such SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, supporting against the usage of facemasks. Wearing facemasks has been demonstrated toContinue reading “Stanford study on masks—throw them out!”

Old but pertinent

From: On December 1, 2020, the ex-Pfizer head of respiratory research Dr. Michael Yeadon and the lung specialist and former head of the public health department Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg filed an application with the EMA, the European Medicine Agency responsible for EU-wide drug approval, for the immediate suspension of all SARS CoV 2 vaccine studies,Continue reading “Old but pertinent”

Getting Along while walking off a cliff

We price getting along with others far too highly. We value getting along above getting at the truth. Getting along may produce a tenuous harmony, but getting at the truth of things, although often conflictual, produces closeness and cohesiveness amongst people. The truth produces a community bond that runs deeper than personal affections and canContinue reading “Getting Along while walking off a cliff”