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is dedicated to the cause of liberty and truth from a traditional Catholic perspective. The whole course of human history is the story of a cosmic battle between the fallen angels and the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all and to whom all subjection is owed. Despite the fact that we are often acted upon, or influenced from one side of this conflict or the other, the Lord God in His Providence has seen fit to allow us through the instrument of our free will, to often have a decisive role in the course of events that shape the world. In the present epoch, the enemies of God and mankind are coming out in the open with their plans to fully enslave the human race. This, it would seem, is being permitted by Almighty God, perhaps in consequence for mankind’s avarice, violence, (particularly against the unborn), and our faithlessness, but in the end He will use the present turmoil and that which most certainly is to come, to draw souls to Him. Darkness only lasts so long, truth abides forever and cannot die.

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