The most sane moment

The most sane moment in human history occurred on the 12th day of Christmas some 2000 or so years ago when the temporal powers of this world represented by the Three Kings, the common folk represented by the shepherds, the natural order represented by some sheep, an ox and a donkey, all gave homage to the Eternal King who had made Himself visible to fleshly eyes after the long period of expectation and longing which began in the Garden of Eden came to its culmination. It was indeed the sanest moment for in that tiny cave all that is in this world, man, woman, beast, powers, oriented their hearts and minds on He Who Is. The contingent, transitory beings of this world fixed upon Him on whom they are contingent. The tranquility of order shined forth from that cave with a light equal to that which shone down from the star. The drama of human history; the tragedies, wars, broken families, dissensions, sorrows all relate to one of those witnesses represented in the cave, man, woman, common folk or rulers, not fixing on Him who is their beginning and their end, who in fact is the Beginning and the End. Dominion, power and allegiance belong to Him, and there can be no harmony or peace in the affairs of men be they personal or civil, until the mass of humanity lines up under Him for ‘the earth is the Lord’s’, ‘He made us, not we ourselves.’ We can walk from God but to our own detriment.

The Blessed Incarnation occurred while the pagan Roman empire, which had conquered vast amounts this world by force, and had placated the conquered masses through what were then ‘modern conveniences,’ and entertainments, and the rest with fear, was conducting a grand census of its subjects in order to ensure it was exacting through taxation, all that it could from the conquered peoples. The powers of this world driven on by the demons of avarice and greed are seldom content with a conquered sub-class but always seek to exact more obeisance to themselves. Since they are not oriented on their true end, which is God Himself, they orient all means towards themselves. The rulers of such systems do not orient the society to help its citizens achieve the purpose for which they exist, the attainment of God, but orient society for control, providing reasonable material comfort and base pleasure to keep the masses in compliance. They are not interested in a thinking people for those would disrupt the system. They want a populace that just flits from one entertainment and comfort to the next. Into such a system the Handmaid of the Lord quietly brought forth Him who was to rule the nations with an iron rod.

The Child in the manger would not directly confront the pagan Roman authorities until some 33 years later. When He did so, it was not with the temporal means of insurrection so often employed by mere mortal men, it was with the truth alone. “Knowest Thou not that I have power to crucify Thee and I have power to release thee?,” Pilate said. ” Jesus answered: thou shouldst not have any power against me, unless it were given thee from above.” At these words Pilate was no doubt thrown into confusion. Chills likely ran through his body and he likely had an intimation that the gig was up. Not just his gig, but the gig of the whole pagan dominion of men over men. That Something had entered the realm of human experience that was more powerful than fear, weapons and vice, even more powerful than death. He could crush an insurrection, but he well knew he could not crush This.

As in those days so in ours. A massive temporal power, an empire of lies, has subjected the world via force and vice separating man from his true end, God. It is conducting its own census of sorts by subjecting the human race to medical slavery, likely the evilest devilry ever to take root in the mind of man. The system is replete with un-ending war, fear, child sacrifice, perversity and no doubt, the worship of false gods (devils), especially by the power brokers, but ever more overtly by the general populace. In contrast to the scene in the cave 2000 years ago, the kings of this world do not bow down to God, they think they are god. The common folk of this world represented by the shepherds live in a screen induced stupor. Had they been in the hill country with their iphones on that first Christmas it is questionable if even the heavenly host could have roused them to go see the newborn King. Unlike St. Joseph modern men do not carry a quiet strength and look after their wives and children but impishly shirk responsibility and aggrandize about with great pomposity. Self-restraint, a chief characteristic of a true man, has been replaced by self-centeredness. Unlike the Blessed Virgin Mary, women have abandoned chastity, modesty and motherhood going so far as to procure the execution of their own children in order to maintain their ‘freedom’.

The Roman Empire was slowly conquered from within by this Babe who quietly made His entrance into a world gone mad. I daresay His next entrance, and it may not be too far off, will not be so quiet.

*My daughter, who has received a far better education on the actualities of the Roman Empire, corrected me on my description of it. Meaning, it had attained a high degree of natural virtue as a society by the time of Christ and later fell into decadence. So my analogizing the rulers of the present tyranny with the Romans is a bit wanting.

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