Tony Fauci & Little Louie

Louie was a kid in my hometown. He was close to my age, a little older perhaps. I speculate that he moved away because I don’t recall him past the third grade. I have a particular memory of Louie that makes me think of Tony Fauci. One day some older boys hung Louie by his tightie-whities on the top spikes of an eight foot stockade fence and left him there. I don’t recall whether I came upon him in said condition, or whether upon hearing it my young mind formed such a vivid picture of the hilarity, that it seems like I was a first-hand witness. Regardless, I still smile when I think of it and laugh aloud when I tell the story.

To the grounded child, such experiences, although unpleasant, are ultimately looked upon objectively and laughed at. I am good friends with another individual from the same town who was also hung by his pants on a fence, (not sure if it’s endemic to that town), and he much appreciates it today. Louie, wherever he is, has not become a fascist dictator to my knowledge despite having experienced one of the most severe wedgies imaginable. On the other hand, there are some folks, like Hitler who was very poorly treated as a child, who in adulthood take out their aggression on the rest of humanity.

Given Tony Fauci’s past and present behavior, it would not surprise me to learn that he swore an oath of vengeance against the human race while 8 feet aloft on a stockade fence. It’s a funny mental picture; young Tony, arms flailing, ears far too big for his young head, yelling ‘I’ll show you! I’m gonna get you!’. The problem for us is he meant it.

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