COVID deaths

I reside in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts where there have been 14094 deaths due to COVID. 6178 of those deaths were people 85 years old or older or 44% of total deaths. If we add in the 75-84 group we arrive at 71% of all supposed COVID deaths are in septa and octogenarians. Meanwhile the State is mandating that all employees associated with the executive branch get an experimental gene therapy that doesn’t prevent one from contracting nor transmitting COVID and averages about 2700 injuries per day reported to VAERS (726,963 reports in ~270 days) COVID Vaccine Data ( Taking into account that VAERS only captures 1% of all injuries according to a Harvard study, that number could be 270,000 adverse reactions per day. Nationally 85+ year olds account for 30% of all COVID deaths. Add in the 75+ category and you arrive at 54% of all supposed COVID deaths have been 75 years and up. Think about these facts next time you drive by a bus stop and see kids muzzled.

How about the poor, brainwashed 18-24 year olds who are being told they can’t finish their lobotomies at the college level unless they take the gene serum? From the charts below we see that total deaths ‘attributed’ to Covid in this demographic is 3523 and total cases is at 7,497,870. That results in a 0.046% of dying of COVID if you’re in that demographic. If you consider that epidemiologists multiply identified cases by 7 to arrive at actual case load in a population as not everyone runs to the doctor to get tested, the actual cases in this demographic would actually be 52, 485, 090 which results in a 0.0067% chance of dying of COVID.

What about the vaccine?

In the VAERS reporting system since 1990 there have been 1,545,762 reports of adverse events in 31 years. As of September 17, 2021 there were 726,963 adverse events reported in associated with the COVID jabs. In other words, the COVID jabs account for 47% of all adverse vaccine reactions on record. For those who have followed the numbers at all, it was quite noticeable that the VAERS data on the COVID jab, which was adding about 1-2000 deaths per reporting period into July, dramatically slowed down. Reported deaths had reached about 13000 very rapidly and are presently at 15386. Regardless, the COVID jabs account for 63% of all deaths ever reported to VAERS. Considering the fact that the Lazarus’ Report indicates that VAERS only captures about 1% of all vaccine adverse reactions the situation could be apocalyptically worse.

I write on October 1, 2021, the 273rd day of the year. If we were to discount the early vax’s in December 2020 and just attribute the injuries to 2021, that would mean that there are on average 2,662 adverse reactions to the COVID jabs per day in the US. (726,963/273), and about 56 deaths per day. If we apply the Lazarus report information to these numbers we arrive at 266,200 adverse reactions per day and 5600 deaths/day.



The Vietnam War was waged from 1955-1975 with obviously varying degrees of US commitment. There were 58,220 deaths and 153,303 wounded which equates to a daily death rate of 7.97 and injury rate of 21. The daily death average of the COVID jab is 7 times that of the death rate of the US soldier in Vietnam and the daily injury rate of the COVID jab is 127 times greater than the casualty rate in Vietnam.


The war in Afghanistan was waged from 2001 until this summer (for what reason no one knows–the hijackers were almost all Sauds–but 911 is a whole other debacle). Regardless, the war in Afghanistan resulted in 2,218 deaths and 20,093 wounded (casualties). Daily death rate 2,218/7300 days, 0.3 deaths/day, 187th of the daily death rate from the COVID jab. Wounded rate is 2.75 per day or 1/968th the injury rate of the COVID jab.

In summary, you are in far more danger of being injured or killed by the COVID jab than if you were an American soldier walking around in Afghanistan or Vietnam during those conflicts. The US government and the corporate oligarchs are waging a far more deadly war against us than any foreign enemy has managed to muster.


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