Foolish modern man

Foolish modern man, in wanting liberation from the moral law, deconstructed it in the name of a false ‘progress’ which is nothing more than a regression into pagan barbarism. Modern man naively thought the natural law could stand without the moral law, or was blind to the fact that in deconstructing the moral law, the natural law would fall with it for the same Lawgiver had given both laws and that to take down one is to undermine the other. In liberating himself from the morally licit use of the marital act via contraception he blinded himself or chose to ignore that such ‘liberation’ would result in infanticide via abortion, the decimation of the family through ‘no fault divorce’ (an oxymoron), unnatural/aberrant so called unions, and cause cracks that have become fissures in the foundation of the civil order; the family. In this erroneous and false quest for ‘freedom’ man has unleashed a tyranny that will enslave and destroy him. By the direct violation of the natural law through willful murder and the sanctioning of perversity, both of which are codified as rights in former Christendom, man has removed the protections of the natural law that would have protected him from being coerced into receiving faux ‘medical treatments’ he would prefer not to have. It seems we are not far off from being told to starve or do what we’re told. And woe to you who are foolish enough to accept this situation. You may think it just and reasonable that the state has unleashed the use of coercive force upon the people in the present circumstance, but the time and day will come where you will not want what the purveyors of tyranny are selling but you will have been complicit in laying waste any defense you may have had by your compliance. You have enslaved your children and grandchildren.

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