The nonsense continues

“In the U.S., the number of newly reported COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths are all decreasing. The most recent seven-day average for new cases fell about 23% over the previous week, Walensky said. The seven-day average for daily deaths also declined to 587 per day, according to the CDC.” Is the CDC not aware that it is May and that coronavirus season is at an end? An entirely predictable announcement crediting the experimental gene therapy deployment under the banner of being a ‘vaccine’ as having saved us from COVID-19, the deadly virus that almost everyone survives having for which they destroyed the global economy and made the planet one giant prison. Viruses, whether naturally occurring or manufactured by short men with gravel-voiced, New York accents, are always worst in the first season and have diminishing impact up to seasons 3-5 wherein they stabilize and only really impact the most vulnerable in our population.

The Jihadi threat 20 years ago was portrayed as the greatest threat to Western Civilization and world peace the world has ever seen and COVID-19 has been portrayed in a theatric manner as the greatest existential threat to humanity the world has ever seen. The former was used to eliminate the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution while the latter focuses on elimination of the First. Both of these are natural law rights that were merely codified in the Constitution not granted by it.

So the CDC continues to serve it’s constituents, Big Pharma, under the guise of protecting the American people. No surprise.

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