Fourth Sunday after Easter

From the Gospel Commentary St. Andrew’s Missal

‘the Holy Spirit appearing to bear witness on behalf of Christians will convict the world of its crimes and obtain enlightenment for all men of good faith. 1. Concerning sin: the unbelief of the world will increasingly appear as a sin of great enormity and inexcusable. 2. Concerning justice: Our Lord’s return in the glory of His Father and what has been effected by the Apostles and the Church in His name will show that Jesus rightly declared Himself to be the Son of God. 3. Concerning the judgement: the trial of Jesus was not concluded by the sentence pronounced against Him; on the contrary, by His death Jesus gained the victory over Satan, the prince of this world: consequently it will be made clear by the victorious might of Christ that the sentence passed by the world will recoil upon it.”

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