COVID-System of lawlessness

It is a peculiar thing when lawlessness becomes so pervasive that the man who keeps the law appears as a criminal and is treated like one. In keeping the law I mean more than just not breaking any of the tenets of the justice system, nor even the moral law. Laws are meant to create order, to protect fundamental liberties, and to protect the dignity of human beings as the only rational animal. In a truly well-ordered society, the laws hold in view man’s eternal destiny as well. With respect to keeping the law, the aspect I appeal to is protecting the dignity of human beings, not the mere avoidance of transgression. It is each of our duty to preserve this unique dignity of man by resisting tyranny in not obeying unjust laws. Unjust laws are in fact lawlessness as they are not rooted in the truth, they run contrary to essential liberties (privacy, autonomy of person, private property etc.), and generally have a dehumanizing aspect. The lawlessness that is afoot these days are the COVID ‘laws’. Generally speaking these laws run directly contrary to the rights enshrined in western republic’s constitutions. Worse still, they are often directly opposed to those rights that are inherent in the universal natural law. They are dehumanizing and perhaps are meant to be. The current global COVID dictatorship represents a ‘legal’ structure of lawlessness.

There are varying opinions as to the legitimate role of the state in the event of a real health crisis. Personally I see no role other than to advise the public. The problem with the state is that it is a) political–this in the sense that people in it are concerned with keeping their power and people that want to get in it want power & b) short-sighted and heavy handed–the state generally myopically applies remedies without considering tangential effects and then because of reason a), grandstands about how great it is after it applies its heavy-handed, short sighted remedy! Case in point…the COVID ‘stimulus’. In the first place, the government capriciously shut down the whole economy with no scientific precedent that this would be a) effective nor b) necessary. Unprecedented economic devastation occurs (not surprisingly), and then the state, brilliant as it is, decides that it will issue trillions of dollars of ‘stimulus’ checks to its citizens. In the state’s myopia I think it’s fair to venture that there were no calculations run on how this new debt added to our country would effect future generations, no thought put into how resultant inflationary effects would impact the middle class, and no cognition at all that it would be next to impossible for the local restaurant owner to get his $15/hr dishwasher back in July when his overlords (local government), allowed him to open back up because the kid was making $70k/year to stay home. The madness we have gone through in 2020 is akin to some brute walking up and sucker punching you, telling you it’s for your own good, and then handing you some ice and $10 bucks to make you feel better. And yes, the aggressor may add in that your taking the hit and being willing to take more is a sign of your heroic virtue. Somehow in the back of your mind it gnaws at you that its your cowardice that keeps you taking the hit and the handout, but you don’t really see anyone doing otherwise.

Anyway, I digress. The point is this, the state should have little to no role in a health crisis situation because all it can do is exacerbate the problem and generally creates other problems unintentionally, or perhaps intentionally. Quite simply, if COVID were a real pandemic the state would have to do little more than make a public service announcement. If people actually saw the death associated with what our ancestors would call a pandemic, there would be zero need for the government to tell us to lay low, we’d do it anyway. The multiplication of irrational, unscientific, dehumanizing laws emanating from seats of power in 2020 are telltale signs that COVID is a hoax and not a real health crisis at all.

Back to the law and lawlessness. In a healthy civil order, one wherein the citizens experience the maximum of personal liberty without violating the law of God, a stable legal framework emerges. Against this stable framework, violators of the law stand in contrast to the law-abiding citizenry and justice can be brought to bear. The law in a sane society functions similarly to the human immune system by dealing with the ‘intruder’, or him who is contrary to the body politic and its health. What happens in a system where the laws are based on lawlessness, when they run contrary to the natural law and constitutionally guaranteed rights? The citizen who runs contrary to the law in a system based on lawlessness does right in doing so, but similar to a sane system, the system itself will look to expunge him. In this case though it is for the preservation of the tyrannical state, not for the body politic as a whole. When his fellow citizens see him thus persecuted by the state the majority will aim to submit to the unjust demands of the tyrants more to avoid trouble, a few may form an alliance with him. The whole system follows a well-documented trajectory. Tyranny begins and takes hold generally after a softening period. This period is where the target population is made to think that its history and identity are bad and that it ought to reject them. Then immorality is dispersed widely so as to ensnare as many as possible in vice and weakness. Next a crisis is rolled out to set the trap and introduce the tyrannical state.

Anyway, I’m treading onto paths that I don’t have time or energy to flesh out. The point being, what is on the road ahead is that those who keep the law (meaning affirm by their defiance of the state the universal and constitutional rights of man), will be persecuted by the system of lawlessness. It is the diabolical inverse of true order. As Dr. Ron Paul once said, “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”

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