Getting Along while walking off a cliff

We price getting along with others far too highly. We value getting along above getting at the truth. Getting along may produce a tenuous harmony, but getting at the truth of things, although often conflictual, produces closeness and cohesiveness amongst people. The truth produces a community bond that runs deeper than personal affections and can hold a group together no matter the interpersonal affinities or lack thereof.

The American experiment is based on ‘getting along’. Our republic had the seeds of its undoing sown at its outset. America’s trajectory is analogous to the seed scattered on rocky ground in the Parable of the Sower; the tree sprouted rapidly once planted but not long after began to wither for lack of roots. Or more aptly, the house built on sandy ground without a solid foundation. The storms of Marxism, immorality, and false science have come and the house is falling if not fallen already. Subjectivism was the sub-theme of America’s glory. It was never put in the foreground as such. What was put into the foreground were slogans such as ‘out of the many one’. or ‘United We Stand’. The problem is what exactly is the unifying principle America? The irony is that in America, subjectivism must be accepted as objective truth and as the only objective truth. In such a system anyone who asserts that there is an objective reality in the moral, philosophical or religious realm is an enemy of the American system. Hence our country has unraveled to a place where all sorts of absurdities are accepted as ‘rights’ and every tyranny is justified.

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