U.S. Coup d’etat

There’s an apparent deep state coup d’etat occurring in the United States right now. The dems have laid the groundwork in the weeks and months previous by declaring they will challenge the results no matter what and that Biden will be president, again, no matter what. I am close to half a century old and this is the first time I have not woken up to an election result. In fact, the map was the same at 5 AM was when I decided to go to sleep a little after 11 PM. How does that happen without a concerted effort to tip the scales in one candidate’s favor? The groundwork has been laid for four years of claiming Trump is a dictator who doesn’t respect the law despite the fact that it has clearly been blue state officials who have no regard whatsoever for the Constitution and its essential protections. They have painted the picture that he will have to be forcibly removed because he’s some kind of dictator despite the fact that none of their mud-slinging has stuck legally; Ukraine, Russia conspiracies. They’ve laid the psychological framework in the minds of the braindead American public that he’s the villain so that when he challenges what’s going on, why they’ve stopped counting votes and why there’s no declared result, their ‘prophecies’ will appear true. They do this in the sick hopes that conservative Americans who have had their livelihoods ruined, their children traumatized by being taught they are walking germs who may kill grandma, and a bleak dystopic medical dictatorship cast before their eyes, will rise up and turn to violence. The dems, operatives of deep state globalists, can then cast themselves as the ‘reasonable ones‘, and bring order through force.

I hope you lefties are satisfied with your efforts when you find yourselves in the new world order medical dictatorship the fiends you support have promised to deliver. The American republic has been long limping towards its grave. No doubt if ding-a-ling Joe goes to Pennsylvania Ave. it will be the result of malice and globalists. The overwhelming popularity of President Trump even Ray Charles could see. Deep state scam going on.

Such coups happen…in fact the US has orchestrated a number of them. What’s most disconcerting is to have fellow countrymen who will be rejoicing in the institutionalization of a medical dictatorship, the overthrow of the Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta. We’ve seen it before, men cheering their way to slavery; most notably in Germany in recent history. Even more most notably with the Jews asking that the Blood of Jesus be upon them. There is a bizarre group suicidal tendency that crops up in our species at certain moments in history. This election appears to be one of those moments.

I’ll end with some optimism from Mithrandir (Gandalf to the uninitiated)–“Be merry! We meet again. At the turn of the tide. The great storm is coming, but the tide has turned.”

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