Brother John-OFM

Brother John at lived at the advent of the Friars Minor and enjoyed continuous consolation from Our Lord’s abiding presence with him. At a certain point Our Lord withdrew His sensible presence from Brother John and he wandered about sore distraught having lived in such intimacy with Christ. One day after some time had passed in such misery, Brother John saw Our Lord walking on the path where he was. He very humbly begged Him to help him, saying; “Help me, my Lord, because without You, my sweet Savior, I remain in darkness and grief. Without You, Son of Almighty God, I remain in confusion and shame. For without You I am deprived of all that is good. Without You I am blind in the dark, because You are Jesus, the true Light of the World. Without You I am lost and damned, because You are the life of souls and the life of lives. Without You I am sterile and dry, because You are the God of Gods and the giver of graces. But in You I find all consolation because You are Jesus, our Redemption, love, and desire, our refreshing bread and wine who give joy to the choirs of angels and the hearts of all the saints. So enlighten me, most kind Master and compassionate Shepherd, because, though unworthy, I am Your little lamb.’ Quote from ‘The Little Flowers of St. Francis’

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