The debate…opportunity lost

It is not to say that I don’t invariably favor one candidate over the other, but I would think it fair to say that the primary loser of last night’s ‘debate,’ if you can call that display a debate, is us. This is not to say we are victims of the elite establishment offering us two options that are not options at all; there is a marked difference between the two men’s positions, (if Biden can be described as having a position at all). What I mean to say is this, America, the powerhouse of the West since it’s ascendency in the 19th century, has abandoned God, sanctions in its laws all sorts of evils calling them rights, and has been a global purveyor of bloodshed and debauchery for decades. God has permitted the civil order to descend into chaos as a chastisement and leaves us with the chose of two fools to lead us. (*I actually do not consider a Trump a fool. With respect to going along with the shutdown, yes, but that was a difficult position to be in. Because of his personal life, he has a blind spot to the long-term effects of bailouts and fiat monetary policy. Hence, the corona-bailouts which have had disastrous short-term consequences and that will be felt for a long-time). In truth I am much appreciative of Trump’s positions on some things, his imperturbable personality in the face of adversity, and his shaking up of the neocon establishment, yet last night was a cringeworthy showing through and through. Trump acted as if he were Hulk Hogan in a verbal WWF wrestling match throwing everything he could at an elderly man who auctioned any spine he may have had for a career in politics some forty years ago.

The long and the short of it is, our country has been beset by months of illegal government overreach, fear mongering, lies, deceptions and abuse, and not one of the questions nor one of the answers attempted to address or elucidate what the role of government ought to be during a ‘pandemic’. (I use this term in its strict meaning as something highly contagious). And yet these are two men asking us to support them as the leader of our country but not one of them referenced the Constitution nor did Wallace frame a question that would drive the conversation along those lines. The job of any American in elected office is to uphold the Constitution, to protect and defend it so that our essential liberties are defended and protected. It is not to take our money to build energy efficient buildings, it is not to roll out the military to bring some ill-conceived, rushed vaccine that I don’t want to my front door. It is not the government’s job to keep me nor anyone else safe from viral infection. There are three things the government can competently do: waste money, take away freedom, and blow up small countries. The rest they are totally inept at, and if not totally inept, far inferior to what free citizens engaged in private enterprise would do. Trump, had his strategy not been to try and egg grandpa Joe into trying to beat him up, could very well have won the day by steering the conversation to any of the following: the well-known and documented history of black enslavement in the welfare state ghettos as planned by LBJ, calmly enumerated what his Administration did do to deal with the COVID (lie), talked about the benefits of school choice for poorer areas etc. but alas, he chose to play the buffoon and loose any potential converts and give fodder to his enemies. Charlie Brown would likely sigh in dismay were he watching ‘Good grief!’

In closing, did anyone notice the cited COVID numbers? 200000 deaths (inflated lie) to 7000000 cases. That’s 97% survival rate. Realistically we know the death rate is even lower. If I were to get lung cancer I would have a 24% 5 year survival rate, and a 66% chance of dying within 5 years. Nonetheless I can go get a pack of smokes but in some places I can’t sing in a choir because of COVID. What a joke.

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