The mask–if you disagree with the mask either because you don’t believe it’s effective or because you for some reason don’t think the civil authority has the right to tell you what to wear for any reason, health or otherwise, but you still wear it out of convenience so as not to be harassed, how on earth are you going to have the fortitude to resist the forced fast-tracked vaccine, presuming you have the intellect to recognize the inherent evil of such a thing? If when faced with strangers who you will likely never see again, being displeased with you, saying something mean about or to you, thinking ill of you or even physically assaulting you, you cover your face even though you think it’s a bunch of hogwash, how are you going to resist a vaccination when they tell you that you can’t work, your kids can’t go to school or perhaps they take them from you, or you can’t leave your house?? If for the sin of human respect you degrade yourself and comply with illegal orders, what orders will you obey when your livelihood is threatened?

(It would be disingenuous to not admit that I don’t cave sometimes as well for ‘convenience’).

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