Today I start this blog. I do not have any notion that I will add anything dramatically new to the public discourse as regards the state of our world with the plethora of information available out there. In general I feel that the computer age has had a deleterious impact on our society, yet here I am blogging. Right now I’m in my basement writing this while two of my children and my wife are watching some inane movie on Amazon Prime. Isn’t it ironic that the technological age which is supposed to have brought us together, expanded knowledge and access and yet has painted all of us into a narrow corner? Amazon, bah! But where else can you go? The world has gotten very small and our overlords are tightening the noose.

My intent is to cull together information I find valuable from other sites and to post some of my own musings as well. I am a traditionalist Catholic, I see the world through a traditional Catholic lens, which to me is the only sane lens there is as it is the only lens which corresponds to reality as it really is. Frank Sheed wrote in “Theology and Sanity,” (paraphrase), ‘to see God is sanity, what one does about it may be sanctity.’ To me, the enemies of the human race are the enemies of the Catholic religion and of it’s God, Jesus Christ. Unfortunately many of those enemies reside within the Catholic Church and many in positions of power. Regardless it is the Church in Her traditional teaching that has the remedy for the human condition.

2020 has ushered in what is clearly a plan long laying in the wings to subjugate the whole human race to totalitarian world government. They are conditioning the world to live under total surveillance and Chinese style government dependence in the form of a medical technocracy. In the state where I reside they have mandated that all children attending private or public school must have the flu vaccine even if they are attending school online due to the scamdemic. This despite scientific evidence that contagiousness of individuals is increased with vaccination as shown in the PNAS 2018 study: ‘vaccination with both the current and previous year’s seasonal vaccines, however, was significantly associated with greater fine-aerosol shedding in unadjusted and adjusted models (P < 0.01). In adjusted models, we observed 6.3 (95% CI 1.9–21.5) times more aerosol shedding among cases with vaccination in the current and previous season compared with having
no vaccination in those two seasons.’ 6.3 times! You’re 630% more likely to spread the flu if you’ve been vaccinated! Full study here:

The great irony is that the same state that is issuing these illegal mandates is pushing to have abortion legal through all nine months gestation. Roe v Wade said that a woman’s 4th Amendment right to privacy as regards the patient-doctor relationship precluded the state from interfering with her decision to ‘terminate her pregnancy’ i.e., have her baby murdered, but now the very same state can mandate that if the child is born it has to receive poison in its body in order to get an education? What happened to the 4th Amendment right to privacy? (not that I think that is a rational justification for legal infanticide).

In closing, what I find most disturbing about the current social climate is the ignorance of my fellow citizens and their inability to think for themselves. Earlier this week I was at a convenience store. I was the only mask-less person in the store. When I stepped out and was pumping my gas I overheard two gentlemen discussing my audacity. I heard one say ‘I don’t think masks do anything and I hate wearing it, but it’s the law.’ This is the fruit of 50+ years of Marxist principles in our education system, the rejection of God (the rational faculty is dramatically diminished for the soul in a state of sin), and our resultant societal avarice and apathy. I felt like saying ‘if the governor told you to wear a bozo clown on your nose to keep from getting sick would you do it?’ Perhaps I should have….

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